Zarcillo Paradise, Hotel in Paracas Perú

Zarcillo Paradise, Hotel in Paracas Perú

with a private pier and a breakfast area with an spectacular view, this is a beautifull hostel close to the sea, in a relax place into the Paracas bahia, where you can find a home far from home. This hostel counts with the services of Zarcillo Connections Travel Agency and Cruz del Sur Transport to offer you everything you need in one place.

Paracas, located in Pisco 260 km south of Lima, Peru is a district very close to the sea and the town of Paracas is located in the Bahia, Paracas is well known because of the Paracas National reserve and Ballestas Islands which are not inside the preserved area.

Paracas means "Sand Storm" because there is strong wing with sand; this wind could get a speed of 32 Km. per hour, this wind make of Paracas an ideal place to practice windsurf and kitesurf.

This place is gorgeous because of Paracas Culture legacy and the variety of ecosistems, birds' species, sea lions, rock formations, beaches, dolphins and more... The weather is typical like in the desert, over 30°C, but in winter it could be 10°C at night.

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Hotel The Zarcillo Paradise
Av Principal de Ingreso al Chaco #101
Paracas - Pisco - Ica - Perú
Phone (51) 056 536 636
998 381 110 / 993 555 409
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