Tours in Paracas and Ballestas Islandses

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Tours in Paracas and Ballestas Islands

Zarcillo Connections

Zarcillo Paradise has also the prestigious travel agency The Zarcillo Connections, so when choosing to stay at Zarcillo Paradise, not only ensures comfort, security and a perfect break to continue your trip, or enjoy a break from the routine ; but you can also organize your itinerary with the best tips from our staff willing and willing to assist you; because in ZARCILLO PARADISE we work for your satisfaction.
Bus Cruz del Sur office
Bus Cruz del Sur office

Bus Cruz del Sur office

We are part of the wide and modern chain of agencies at the national level of the prestigious company Cruz del Sur, the pleasure of traveling by bus, from the comfort of the hotel and at the time you want you can know availability or purchase tickets from any destination to any destination.
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If you want to go to the beaches inside Paracas, or to Pisco town, or maybe to Ica or nasca in a Private car, we can offer this service to you.

Adventure sports

Paracas means "Sand Storm" because there is strong wing with sand; this wind could get a speed of 32 Km. per hour.

Paracas is a  wonder place that perfectly combines the desert and the ocean, and thanks to it adventure lovers can enjoy winds that take them to "fly" over the sea. Paracas is an ideal place to practice windsurf and kitesurf. 

According to availability of time, you can enjoy FUN DAY, accelerated or complete courses; ideal for people seeking freedom and adrenaline. 

We can contact you with a professional in this sports who can teach you these sports or give you all the necesary to practice them.

Dune Buggy: 

Dune Buggy is a Special and light car to ride throug the dunes, in a fantastic and adrenaline adventure. 

Kitesurf - Windsurf: 

Paracas is the ideal place to practice Kitesurf and Windsurf because of the wind. Paracas means "Sand Storm" this meaning gives an idea about how strong is the wind and how much adrenalinic these sport could be.

Ride in Bike: 

A bike ride throug Paracas National Reserve is a mix between relax and chalenge, feeling the fresh air and the sun in your face practicing an outdoor sport is a extraordinary experience.